Thinking of buying vintage? Here are some top tips to master

Thinking of buying vintage? Here are some top tips to master

Whilst many high street stores do offer their own take on vintage and retro looks. To really achieve the very best vintage look, you are going to need to think about buying pre-loved instead. The trouble with this, is that it can be a little scary to start with. You are likely to worry about sizing, whether you are paying the right price and also whether or not the clothes are going to be made to a good standard.

The thing to remember with buying vintage, is that it doesn’t have to be difficult, in fact, we have put together our top tips for buying vintage for beginners.

Prepare yourself for trying on clothes

No matter the style of clothes that you are buying, you are going to need to try it on before you buy. The thing that is a little different about vintage is that they often do up on the side and will need to be pulled over your head rather than be stepped into. This means that you should avoid wearing make up if you are trying on clothes, and be prepared for your hair to get reasonably messy in the process.

Give the clothes a good check over

When you buy a new item of clothing, then you should expect them to be in the best condition. Whereas, when you buy vintage, there could be some imperfections. The best thing to do is to make sure that you check everything that you want to buy in the light. Seeing as some vintage stores can be short on the light side, this isn’t always easy to achieve, however, it is possible. An important part of tops to check over has to be the armpits, as the old approach of not wearing deodorant could damage the fabric.

Including the fastenings

You should always remember to check the fastenings of any clothes that you are buying pre-loved. The last thing that you are going to want is to get home, only to realise that the top you have bought won’t actually do up properly. Of course, you can still fix it up, but if you notice in the shop then you could ask for a discount on the garment.

Ask for advice if you need it

The staff that work in a vintage store might look a little terrifying, but the truth is that they often work there because they are passionate about all things vintage. Not only this but they also know what they are talking about. They also had to start somewhere, so they are likely to understand your questions and concerns more than you realise.

Don’t worry about sizing

Once you get into vintage clothes, one thing that you will soon realise is that you really shouldn’t pay too much attention to sizes. The sizes back a few decades worked very differently to how they work now, so whilst you may fit in a particular size in modern clothes, don’t be surprised if the vintage clothes are not such a good fit.

These are just some simple tips to help you on your way. If you are thinking about getting yourself into vintage, then be brave and go for it. It may take a little while, but in no time at all you will find your look and find your own groove when it comes to vintage shopping.



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