Make Memories Eternal with Bomb Boudoir

Make Memories Eternal with Bomb Boudoir

Make Memories Eternal with Bomb Boudoir

Capture the unforgettable moments

Photographer Essex? – Weddings, birthdays in the park or at home, engagement, or any other celebratory occasions in Essex need to be captured and made eternal with a professional photographer. To be in the spotlight, you need a photographer invested in you, a photographer who will put you in the spotlight and get the best out of each movement, each moment, so when you open your album, a single photo from the photographers’ lenses takes you back and tells you the whole story.

Weddings are special. A wedding day is a unique moment and as a wedding photographer in Essex, my goal is to put you in the spotlight and capture all spontaneous moments without you even being aware. If you read reviews, you’ll see that I, have the absolute freedom to put a spotlight on all the joy and emotion that shows on everyone’s faces. Letting you enjoy your time inside or in the park, I will create a set of photographs, creating a story that you will treasure for a lifetime.

People read reviews and know it is the photographers’ job to make sure your expectations are met. Staged sessions put you two in the spotlight and are there to show the beauty and love of the couple. If you read reviews, you’ll know that wedding sessions are something completely different. It is up to the photographers to create a mixture of spontaneous but classy wedding sessions that shine a spotlight and capture the spirit and emotion of the wedding.

After all, the wedding day is so special because people only get one chance to live through their weddings, so good wedding photographers should put you in the spotlight and make sure you enjoy a great photography session.

My practice and style in Essex

Surely there are plenty of wedding photographers in Essex, making it difficult to hire the right photographers for your wedding photography. If you read reviews, you’ll know that apart from my tremendous passion as a photographer for weddings in Essex, my experience ever since has been nothing short of a positive one.

Photography session reviews

We usually read reviews, but with all the wedding photographers in Essex, we were hesitant which to hire. However, luckily we picked the best for weddings that put us in the spotlight in our photoshoot in the park. We are glad we read reviews because Bomb Boudoir delivered amazing photos in the park for us putting us in the spotlight. We couldn’t imagine a better photo work in Essex than theirs. I was able to make an inquiry and got an answer immediately. It was very easy to communicate, consult about the time, place, poses, clothes and other details. My husband and I looked through many weddings photographers but as we’ve never hired professional wedding photographers before, we were hesitant as to how each photo will turn out, how to pose and act, but the wedding photographer was so patient and calm, guiding us through the entire session in the park putting our natural character into the spotlight. The wedding photos were amazing. Our session turned out to be a breeze at the end. We enjoyed it a lot, weren’t nervous about the spotlight and by the way, our photographer captured our photos, you can tell a lot about the passion and experience in weddings. You don’t have to read reviews from others, this is your best pick.

Jessica Greenwald

After I read reviews I spoke to Bomb Boudoir and I knew I was dealing with professionals. I had some experience with photograph shoots before in Essex, but never with wedding sessions, so this was new to me. The photographer came prepared with a lot of guidelines on the time and place and other details. Out of all photographers in Essex, the Bomb Boudoir photographer listened carefully to our wishes, putting us in the spotlight, sharing a plethora of tips what would and won’t work for the photo shoot in the park. In the end, they delivered all the photos even better than we had hoped for and we are eternally grateful for hiring Bomb Boudoir. If you have read reviews, you know they’re the best!

Christina Walter

Putting you in the spotlight during the photography session

Photographer Essex? – If you’ve read reviews you know you don’t have to be a model to hire a pro photographer and look good in the spotlight on your session. I have had the chance to work with thousands of people all over the UK for their sessions, so I know how to guide my clients through the process, relax them and let them be themselves. This is how their best photographic sessions are created. You see, photo sessions are all about staying in the natural spotlight, showing your most sincere emotions and laughter, all throughout the process.

No matter the situation, wedding, maternity, birthday or engagement, it is my job to put my clients in the spotlight and make them at ease during their photo shoot. To help them feel their best and get the most out of the session.

Your wedding day photographer

Your wedding day happens only once, but it’s my job as a wedding photographer to enable you to relive those precious moments over and over again every time you open your album. The photography session can be relaxing, as the photographers should give you space to be yourself, to act natural and be spontaneous. Whether it’s the wedding day celebration or the session before, where only you and your partner are at the session, photographers are there to capture the joy in your eyes, the emotions, the smile and happiness on your faces, making a photo story of your most important day through the lenses.

You can read reviews and see as a professional photographer, on your wedding day celebration I like to create a story of all your natural, spontaneous moments, everything that happens while no one is looking at the photographer. This is the best way to create the perfect photo story out of everything that happens. This way each photo will take you back to each moment filling your heart with joy every time. Of course, apart from the natural, un-posed shots, as your photographer in Essex, I’m there to capture all the stylish portraits you, your family, and friends would like.

Consultation session before the photography session

To make sure I understand all your requirements possible, before the photography session I’m here to discuss all your preferences as your photographer. You can read reviews to help you with what you like or dislike, your expectations, and of course my recommendations and guidelines as a professional photographer in Essex. This way I will come prepared and will know exactly what your expectations are, so I can meet them surely. From sunset in the park with your loved one to a spotlight photo group, a pro photographer will find inspiration in every laughter and movement. Here you can find reviews from previous experiences.

My wife and I read reviews and finally hired Bomb Boudoir for their photo services in Essex and looking back, I’m very glad we hired this photographer. We had a discussion with them about our session before the ceremony and during. What to wear, the place in which the session will happen, and of course the place for the photo shoot before the ceremony. We finally chose the park at sunset instead of sunrise, and for complete newbies in posing, I have to say the photographer made the park photos astonishing. The lighting on each photography is perfect, our smile and emotions are captured and everyone around us loved our photography session. 

Teresa Palmer

I have to say that the photographer, unlike some other, made us sure in what we want, what to expect and how to feel natural during our first consultation before the wedding photography session took place. This was incredibly important to us since we have never hired anyone for a photography session before. Weddings happen only once, so we’re glad we chose the best for our photography.

Daniel Hoeffel

In my time as a pro photographer, having been present at hundreds of wedding ceremonies, I know each wedding has a unique atmosphere and spirit, so as your photographer, I will make sure I capture each precious moment on camera. After all, photographers are there to make the special moments last for a lifetime through photography.

What Does my Wedding Photography Session Include?

A pre-wedding photo session is a must for those who want to capture their feelings and emotions in an intimate setting. Just the two of you and the camera. Then you have the photo session of the bride and groom preparation for their wedding day, group photo with the bridesmaids, friends and family, the formal groups of everyone attending the , the speeches, the cutting of the cake, the first dance and of course the event itself while everyone is dancing and having their best time. Of course, having in mind that you have paid such great attention to detail, from clothes to makeup and hairstyle, flowers, table decoration, and other details. This according to your preferences will all be captured.

For more wedding photography ideas, you can see more in the wedding portfolio page or contact me for a free consultation.

Family Portrait Photographer Essex

Time flies. It passes so quickly, the children grow and looking back it all seems like it was yesterday but in reality, dozens of years have passed. This is why family portraits are something precious for each parent and later on are passed to the children as part of their family heritage. Family portrait sessions at home, in nature or wherever you decide, is something you will cherish for a lifetime. Just imagine having a wedding photo session, then maternity and family portrait all as natural stages of your life together. Family photography can be also done periodically as your children grow. You’d be surprised how many things change but still stay the same.

Maternity and baby photographer

All stages of life are precious. Every transformation is beautiful and deserves to be made eternal. Through my lenses, hundreds of maternity photo sessions have passed. Whether it is only the mother or together with the husband, it captures the unique emotion and love the parents have for their yet to be born, or newborn child. If this is your first time, I’m here for a consultation and to answer all your questions. Everything from the place for photography, to clothes, time of day, hair, best makeup and every other concern you may have will be addressed at this consultation session. I will prepare you with everything you need to know beforehand and guide you through the process while having the photo shoot. This way you will be prepared, feeling and acting naturally.

Engagement, birthdays and all other special moments

Wedding ceremonies and maternity photos aren’t the only photo–worthy moments. As special as they are, there are many other stages of life and moments I can create memories of. Engagement parties are a moment that is worth capturing through a one-of-a-kind photo session. Wedding photographers in Essex tend to focus on photos of the future bride and groom, but I like to capture the entire atmosphere. Everyone who is there is part of something special, so letting you and your guests be themselves while capturing them at their natural spotlight is something that creates unique photos. Birthday parties, whether a surprise or planned, tell a story at a unique time of your life that can only be brought back through photographers’ lenses. As your photographer, I will give my recommendations on place, lighting, clothes, and any props if you would need, all to put you in the spotlight and make your day special.

Photography inquiries

Photographer Essex – As wedding photographers in Essex are booked years in advance, I recommend you contact me early for booking me as your photographer. This is why, it is important to make photographic plans in advance and hire your best photographer.

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